IT solutions

Our company provides IT consulting services to assist clients in evaluating various technology strategies and aligning their action plans with their business objectives.


We provide strategic, architectural, operational, and implementation planning, as well as ensure the development of required infrastructure, including blockchain solutions.
Software development, cloud integrations, CRM systems, payment gateway, file management, backup and data protection software solutions.

Code security audit

Our team will analyse your source code for any vulnerabilities and security flaws. This allows our clients to gain an accurate understanding of the security status of the source code and detect vulnerabilities that could spell trouble for your sensitive data. Finally, a successful code audit ensures that your code meets your own quality standards and maximises the efficiency of your business objectives.

IT project management

Whether you need a complete architecture design or help
with an existing project, we are here to help you from implementation to management across technologies designed and deployed by our experts. Once your infrastructure is customised and adjusted, we will help
you integrate it with new or existing fintech products. 


ECNG is all about innovative technologies expertise in project management, product development in fintech – from planning to integration to existing business structure.

Our consultancy services are useful to encourage growth, value, and profitability from technological advances in blockchain and DeFi.


We provide financial services for organisations to leverage the latest blockchain technologies that optimise operations, improve security, and manage risks.